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'The Devil and the Awesome Four' is a Supernatural Roller Coaster Ride into HellA devil's mansion, a chainsaw wielding madman, and hostile extra-terrestrials are just the beginning of the hellish adventures experienced by a quartet out to defeat evil paranormal forces in “The Devil And The Awesome Four" by Ireland's own Stephen King.When the forces of Hell are unleashed, a quartet of four friends must stop hostile paranormal forces, no matter how terrifying those forces may be, no matter how bloody their chainsaws, in Patrick Cunningham's "The Devil And The Awesome Four Volume One. ISBN 9781449592707-,,, From the time Ben, Jackie, Rodger, and Sarah meet, they are thrown into a world where the supernatural and paranormal reign supreme. The forces of darkness have awakened and the fate of the world is at stake! Only this unlikely quartet can save the world, and they must save it time and time again as one evil being after another threatens to destroy humanity. Readers have never experienced such horrifying nightmares as they will in "The Devil And the Awesome Four." Hostile extraterrestrials will stop at nothing to thwart the heroes and heroines. A chainsaw wielding madman is determined to revenge himself upon everyone. And as if that isn't enough, the heroic quartet must face a clan of female vampires, a legion of murderous scarecrows on a deserted island, and a top secret Army test gone wrong. Hell is hot on the trail of our heroes and heroines as they are rushed from one terrifying adventure to the next, constantly fighting to keep evil at bay. Ben, Jackie, Rodger, and Sarah are up for the challenge. The women are as tough and hardcore as the men. Not even being pulled into another dimension will stop these two couples from their mission to save the world from the forces of evil. From the chainsaw madman to the female vampire clan, "The Devil And The Awesome Four" delivers the bone-chilling, spine-tingling thrills the reader loves to fear. Nightmarish visions of blood, guts and gore fill readers' minds as they read page after page on the edge of their seats, wanting the nightmare to end, yet unable to turn off the lights and sleep, and so they keep reading. This roller coaster ride to Hell and back is the adrenaline rush of the horror reader's darkest fantasy. Readers won't be able to relax even when they reach the last page--the horror has not ended, for author Patrick Cunningham promises "The Devil And The Awesome Four: Volume Two" is lying in wait. Read "The Devil and The Awesome Four: Volume One" and sleep with the lights on.
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