New friendships constantly challenged with horror ~, January 9, 2011By Jaime S (South, USA) -This review is from: The Devil and the Awesome Four: volume one (Paperback)Bloods, guts, and gore hit you as soon as you are in the first chapter. I loved it! The start of relationship for four people is brewing and they never imagined such things let alone seen them up close and person. Patrick M Cunningham leaves nothing to the imagination in the horror story titled "The Devil and the Awesome Four. If you have a weak stomach then treat it before you open the book. It is the words like "At least 50 people with cloaks and hoods stood in a pentagram pattern." Then you read, "They're Satanists and it looks like someone's about to be sacrificed."The monster appears from the ground, the four main characters

Rodger, Sarah, Jackie and Ben are on the adventure, and the horror shows of a lifetime. Some of the chapter titles: Revenge of the Chainsaw Mad Man, Dimensions of Terror, The Temptress how cool and they live up to each one. You know the author will be writing more and after this one you are ready but boy oh boy if you are bit squeamish...This book had me from the beginning where I could not out it down even when I wanted to because I had to see what happened. Each gory detail described made me turn another page. How do you walk away from "Fear and panic ran through them as Harry revved up the saw and cut a running man's legs from under him. The man screamed as the saw ripped through his stomach." If you know anyone that reads horror stories and lives for the moment then tell them about this book.For the person who has everything and needs a good read for a Friday night must get a copy of this book. It has monsters, demons, ghouls, vampires, military missions, grenades and soldiers...the language is strong, the scenes are strong and you cannot put it down. The chapters take you on different story lines for these four characters. I cannot wait until the next one.

Bloody Mayhem with Overtones of Dark Humor, October 28, 2010By Vonnie Faroqui "Ink Slinger's Whimsy" (Nashville, TN) - This review is from The Devil and the Awesome Four: volume one (Volume 1) (Paperback)The Devil and the Awesome Four is gruesome horror that will set the hair at the back of your neck on end and make you wonder why you turned that last page. This novel is part one of a series being written by Patrick M. Cunningham. It is adult reading and not suitable for children or the sensitive. Cunningham is targeting the thrill and gore audience, no bones about it.The heroes of the book, Rodger, Ben Jackie, and Sarah are common enough folks that seem to have no purpose in life but to run into situations where they are the least prepared to do battle but the most effective. The guys have arrived in Los Angeles, USA, from Ireland, to make a new life for themselves. They go out for a good time on the town and find one in Jackie and Sarah. While the four introduce themselves and get-busy, the forces of darkness move in to shake things up around town.All manner of evils are headed their way; from incompetent demon summoning Satanists, U.F.O.s, aliens on the hunt, Harry-the-lumberjack soul harvester, to an army of murdering mutants, and the grand Satan himself. It won't be long before our four unsuspecting friends bond over more than just drinks. There is nothing like a little demon slaying and mutant wrangling to cement relations between a couple of guys and their girls.Make no mistake; this book is full of blood, gore, violence, and sex. The pace from one impossible situation to the next is fast. If you are seeking the finer points and form found in Horror/Suspense literature, you are not going to find them. This is a horror piece of tormented imagination and blood lust. The author laying out serious whoop a**, on some very personal demons, to bring his reading audience this pinball-ricochet horror ride.The Devil and the Awesome Four will appeal to fans of horror that are looking for the excitement and splatter of a B grade flick. Cunningham's writing style reminds me of a Sam Rani film; horror that doesn't take itself too seriously but gets the job done. The book is full of dark situational humor with crazy characters that are willing to run toward danger just for the thrill of it, because they can. If you are into Camp Horror films, The Devil and the Awesome Four is a screen play in the making. Give it to Sam!

A fast-paced heart-pounding thriller!, April 26, 2010By LinB -This review is from: The Devil And The Awesome Four: volume one (Volume 1) (Paperback)"The Devil and the Awesome Four" by Patrick M Cunningham is a book that I could not stop reading! From the very beginning, it caught my attention as two young men from Ireland move to Los Angeles for a new life. And boy did they find it! Their very first night in town Ben and Roger meet Jackie and Sarah and there's no stopping from there. By the first few pages of the second chapter my heart was pounding as I traveled on this amazing adventure as the friends fight the forces of evil. Mr. Cunningham captures the reader with his excellent writing, painting vivid pictures with his words. In addition, I might add - some of the pictures are very frightening indeed!I highly recommend "The Devil and the Awesome Four" to anyone that enjoys a fast paced, action filled, horror, adventure story that is a real page-turner. I absolutely loved this book and am looking forward to the second book in the trilogy. Two Men, Two Women, and a Lot of Horror!, July 22, 2009By RseifertThis is a story of two young men "Ben Jolson and Rodger Landon" who decide that their jobs and their lives in general were way to boring. The men decide that a change is in order and move to Los Angeles. It does not take long before they meet two beautiful women "Jackie and Sarah" and fall in love. A day after they meet, the four of them decide it would be nice to have a picnic at an old nearby castle. It is at this place that their lives change and will never be the same. When the lovers get to the castle, they meet a group of Satanists who were opening up a gateway to the nether world. It is from here that a grotesque demon emerges. After the demon was done ripping into and killing his worshipers, he turned his attention toward the four picnickers. A brutal battle ensued and you will have to read the book to see who won. Although I will let you know that this is the first of many battles the four young people will have against such horrifying creatures as vampires, scarecrows, monsters, and even an ongoing battle with the Chainsaw Mad Man. If you are into fast-paced horror novels then The Devil and the Awesome Four is the one for you! Thriller!, February 17, 2009By Cassie Mae (USA) - The Devil And The Awesome Four Volume One by Patrick Cunningham is a true thriller! You will become enthralled in this book right from the beginning. The details of the aliens, creatures, vampires, etc. will make you shiver.The Chainsaw Madman, Harry the lumberjack, is one of my favorite chapters of the book. Harry starts to mentally lose it from bad things happening in his life. He hears a voice from a man standing in the shadows. Harry makes a deal with the voice and revenge is his. You feel Harry's pain and most likely can identify with him from some point in your life. All terror breaks loose...You hope for the main characters of the book to survive. The main characters go from one chilling adventure to the next. You cannot wait to read the next chapter to see what is going to unfold next. If you love scary movies and/or books definitely read The Devil And The Awesome Four Volume One. If you are not sure if you like them, read this book. You just may become a big fan of thrillers.

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